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Krohne Marshall acknowledges TTBC’s efforts in creating awareness of metering system in textile-garment sector of Bangladesh. As a leading technology provider in metering system, Krohne Marshall is happy to be associated with TTBC. Currently we are working with a number of PaCT factories to set up overall metering system with utility monitoring system.

Mr. Sayedur Rahman, Engineer
Krohne Marshall

Recommendations set by PaCT experts helped us immensely to be better thermal efficient, compared to our past days’ efficiency level. ‘HAMS Garments Ltd.’ is quite happy with PaCT to be able to make a positive turnaround in terms of power and cost savings.

HAMS Garments Ltd.

Being part of the PaCT project has been very valuable in rainsing awareness on the importance of energy and water conservation. We have been able to identify ad improve key areas in our production to reduce our water and energy footprint. The PaCT project has allowed to realize important financial savings, but more importantly it has given us the opportinity to work on bulding a sustainable enterprise.

Apex Holdings Ltd.


“G-Star wants to help reach lasting progress in the garment industry of our production countries by improving social and environmental sustainability in cooperation with our suppliers.

Within the PaCT program, we are able to work one on one with our suppliers in Bangladesh to achieve this goal and guide suppliers towards improved chemical management, reduction of water and energy consumption, reduction of waste water generation, improved water quality and better Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) conditions. The PaCT program gives G-Star support on coaching and capacity building of suppliers and the local G-Star team in Bangladesh.

Working in the PaCT program together with other international brands encourages industry cooperation, sharing of expertise and profound supplier engagement. This leads to progress that goes beyond our own supply chain, improving the conditions in the entire garment industry in Bangladesh.”

Mariella Noto,
Supply Chain Coordinator,

“We are very happy and proud that KappAhl has the opportunity to contribute to PaCT with our knowledge, through learning and action. We are encouraged by the great impact of our similar projects in India and are looking forward to meet the same dedication and stunning results.

By simple means we hope for the PaCT project to achieve a tangible difference to people and the environment in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is an important production market for KappAhl and our engagement in PaCT goes hand-in-hand with our strategy for sustainability. We have a long-term engagement in Bangladesh and are looking forward to contribute to and follow the evolution of social and environmental issues here.

The country and the suppliers have a vast responsibility to create a long-term sustainable society. We as buyers can contribute with knowledge, demands on and support to our suppliers. The future of creating long-term sustainable progress is co-operation, between buyers, the government, NGOs, the trade unions, etc. Together we can create progress, in our factories and in the social life of many people.”

Eva Kindgren de Boer,
CSR Manager Production,

“We had a successful pilot project with two of our main suppliers 2011-2012 where with simple measures such as repairing leaks in steam lines and provide all water hoses with energy nozzle, saved more than 16 million liters of water per year.

By working with these issues and to participate in workshops, the awareness of cleaner and more resource -efficient production increases and it was just as important to do something good for the environment and local people, as lowering costs.

Our goal is that all our key suppliers in Bangladesh will have completed the program and begins resources better and releasing cleaner water. Which in turn means that nearly 80 % of our purchases come from factories with less emissions before this program is finished.”

Ingela Lind,
Purchasing Developer,

“Primark is focused on developing a comprehensive programme that aims to address environmental impacts right across the textile supply chain, including those impacts associated with manufacturing and wet processing. Following a successful pilot in Bangladesh, Primark is pleased to be participating in PaCT alongside other brands and industry stakeholders. PaCT will enable in-depth learning and engagement with suppliers and buyers, ensuring that the Bangladeshi garment sector implements, and continues to evolve, best practices in cleaner production. There will be significant knowledge gained through PaCT in Bangladesh that will benefit similar programmes in other regions too.”

Katharine Stewart,
Ethical Trade & Sustainability Director,

“Through PaCT, Tesco’s goal is to establish world class water, energy and chemical management practice in clothing manufacture. We are sharing our learnings openly with our industry colleagues both within Bangladesh and in other regions.”

Alan Wragg,
Technical Director F&F Clothing,

“C&A is proud to be a PaCT partner, especially because we consider it our responsibility to play a leading role in improving the retail fashion supply chain. PaCT allows us to help our suppliers in Bangladesh to reduce their operational costs, while reducing their environmental impact. We expect that PaCT will result in a positive change for the local communities. We believe that multi-stakeholder initiatives like PaCT are crucial to lay the foundations for the sustainable development of our shared supply chains. To be able to work with NGOs, governments, local communities, industry associations and other global brands towards a common goal is a privilege and an important step in retail fashion responsibility.”

Philip Chamberlain,
Head of Sustainable Business Development,

“PaCT is really bringing something new to the table. By introducing a whole new level of water stewardship in the industry where we combine internal awareness, on-site improvements and large scale collective action we have the potential to deliver significant improvements in the river basin. Bangladesh is a focus region for H&M’s water stewardship strategy, which aims at improving water management in key river basins. With more than ten years of water engagement behind us, we are excited to be part of this initiative to take important steps into the future.”

Felix Ockborn,
Environmental Sustainability Program Developer,

Banks and Financial Institutions

“At IDLC we are focusing on 'Mother Planet and Sustainability', shifting from the traditional financing approach to sustainable green financing. With an aim to deliver a cleaner energy economy, IDLC is always keen to widen financing opportunity to get energy efficiency strategies up and running in your industries. At Comfit Composite Knit Ltd., both IDLC & IFC PaCT team worked closely to develop a successful energy efficiency financing structure that not only incentivized each of the major stakeholder’s involvement but also balanced the relative risks of implementing energy efficiency improvements, resulting immense energy savings returns and benefits. Being inspired of the example set by Comfit, we firmly believe that other entrepreneurs will come forward to adopt similar measures to enhance their share in sustainable Bangladesh.”

Mr. Mesbah Uddin Ahmed
General Manager & Head of Corporate Division
IDLC Finance Limited

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